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NGALI Mining Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in November 2015 under the Rwandan law, fully owned by NGALI Holdings and the latter being a public-owned enterprise. It’s located in Kigali City, Gasabo District, Kimihurura Sector; It has been created for investment purpose and improving the Mining service delivery basing on best practices internationally accepted. NGALI Mining Ltd comes to ensure benefits of shareholders as well as the Rwandan Community.


Create value through exploration of mineral resources, minerals and gemstones productions and processing; with a commitment to safety, social and environmental responsibility.


To be the leading player in the whole mining value chain (Exploration, mining, processing and value addition) in Rwanda and beyond.


  • Quality product

  • Accountability

  • Transparency

  • Reliability

  • Fairness

  • Safety & Environmentally Committed

Social Responsabilities

NGALI Mining Ltd has constructed several roads that are very helpful to the local community. They are now serving as transportation facilities of villagers' crops to the market and local people confirm their utility since they were built. The roads brought about easy movement especially for old people, children out on the quest for fire wood and fetching water, going to school, and particularly women going for farming and agricultural activities. The company keeps good relationships with local leadership by contributing to the socio-economic development of the district.

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Phone: +250 780 882 082

Kimihurura Bodifa House 5th Floor
PO Box 6847 Kigali – Rwanda

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The history of Gold mining in Rwanda took place between years of 1930-1960s by colonialists. Since that time its mining was of artisanal type until now. But the Government of Rwanda through NGALI Mining Ltd took a decision to start a small-scale mining business for improving the existent form of mining and achieving on a semi-industrial level.

In Rwanda we have two types of Gold which are Placer gold and Alluvial gold. The two types are both available in the concessions owned by Ngali Mining Ltd (NML) in different areas such as Bweyeye and Miyove. However, note that all these areas are yet to be exploited by NML.

We have two mining Sites:

1. Miyove is in Northern Province, around 67 km from Kigali city in Gicumbi and Burera districts.

2. Bweyeye is in Western province, former Cyangugu, around 300km from Kigali city just at the border of Rwanda/Burundi.