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The quartz-amethyst vein in Rwanda, was discovered in Ngororero District by local artisanal miners in 2015 and was illegally mined up to 2016. The Government of Rwanda decided to interrupt the clandestine mining operations while in search of a reliable operator.

The amethyst site is located at 36km from the District Headquarters. When advancing to that site, you cross over the river Satinsyi, 5km from the District, and then you arrive at a historical site known as “Umukore wa Rwabugiri”, meaning the "Royal residence of the King Kigeli IV Rwabugiri", which is situated within 13km. The site "Umukore wa Rwabugiri," derives its name from the presence of a rare tree “umukore” existing at that place.

Several other amethyst deposits exist in the country and will be explored in the near future.